TUD COST Action TU1302
Satellite Positioning Performance Assessment for Road Transport

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Scientific Program

The research agenda is composed of 3 work packages (WP) with interconnections at different levels of positioning (application, terminal, operational scenarios)

WP1: at the application level

  • Identification and classification of the main road transport applications making use of location information based on GNSS, of  their needs in terms of positioning data  and of the processes applied to these data by the applicative layers.
  • Review of the existing standardisation and certification processes procedures and coordination of capturing new information for the applications that are not covered.
  • Identification of the applicative variables and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the applications. Links between the requirements of the applications and integrity of the position itself will be studied also.
  • Proposition of simulation models (called generic basic applications) These generic basic applications are necessary to study the influence of the quality of the positioning information on the KPIs of the application.

WP2: at the positioning terminal level

  • Analysis of the possible configurations and architectures of GNSS-based positioning terminals used in road transport applications, of the different hybridisation or aiding possibilities with other sensors or signals and definition of a logical reference architecture.
  • Definition of the positioning variables potentially available from the GNSS-based positioning terminals of the most suitable performance metrics and proposition of different positioning service levels in terms of availability, accuracy, integrity and robustness to security attacks.
  • Review and enhancement of the existing degradation models for the positioning variables (PVT), and proposition of generic ones corresponding to the different service levels defined above in statistical terms.

WP3: at the operational level

  • Definition of some generic operational scenarios representing some standard road environments and trajectories.
  • Development of a generic sensitivity analysis method for the derivation of the required performance of the positioning terminal from the application level KPIs.
  • Study and proposition of various test procedures to assess the service levels of the positioning terminals.

SAPPART  Timetable

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
MC/WG meetings m0: Kick-off meeting
m6: Action General Meeting
m3 and m6: Action General Meetings m3 and m6: Action General Meetings m3 and m6: Action General Meetings
Events m12: Annual workshop m6: Annual workshop
m9: Training School (with STSMs)
m6: Annual workshop
m9: Training School (with STSMs)
m6: Annual workshop
m9: Training School (with STSMs)
m15: Final conference
Deliverables m12: “White Paper”
m12 : Annual report
m12 : Annual report m12: “Handbook”
m12 : Annual report
m12: “Guidelines”
m12: “Data Sets”
m12 : Annual report
m18: Final report