TUD COST Action TU1302
Satellite Positioning Performance Assessment for Road Transport



WG1 “State of the art & Application requirements analysis”

WG1 is in charge of coordinating the research activities on the state-of-the-art and the methodological aspects. It will be in charge in particular of deriving high level user requirements and will contribute to the writing of the “White paper” and of the “Handbook”.

The leader of Work Group 1 is Professor Washington Ochieng from Imperial College London. The co-leaders are Dr Shaojun Feng from Imperial College London and Dr Marko Sevrovic from University of Zagreb. The group has attracted more than 30 experts from academia, public authorities and the industrial sector.

Three major tasks for the work of WG1 were identified during the first discussions:

  • Identification and classification of road transport applications;
  • Review of the existing standardization and certification processes;
  • Identification of the applicative variables and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Proposition of simulation models;
  • Definition of some generic operational scenarios;
  • Development of a generic sensitivity analysis method.

WG1 has generated a context and methodology document, and a template for the capture of requirements of various applications. The applications selected by the group include Road User Charging, E-Call, Travel information services, advanced driver assistance, Personal mobility, Intelligent speed adaptation, Air quality monitoring, Traffic data and Fleet management. Each application has a decimated team of champions to develop description tables on the issues of interest. WG1 will work closely with WG2 on tasks 5&6.