TUD COST Action TU1302
Satellite Positioning Performance Assessment for Road Transport



TF1 “Support to standardisation and certification”

The role of TF1 within SaPPART is to promote the sharing of best practice, progress, on-going and up-coming works in terms of standardisation, certification and legislation activities. Members of TF1 liaise with relevant European standards and legislation fora.

The leader of task force 1 is Mr. Jesper Engdahl (Rapp Trans, Switzerland), and deputy leader Mr. Ola Martin Lykkja (Q-Free, Norway). Some 20 experts participate actively in the group, from academia, public authorities and the industrial sector.

The three main tasks of TF1 are:

  • Standardisation and legislation gap analysis related to GNSS-based positioning used in ITS and personal mobility applications,
  • Sharing of knowledge of current progress and upcoming works in terms of standards, certification and legislation,
  • Actions and messages, on a need basis, to standardization groups and policy-making bodies.

Applications teams (RUC, C-ITS, eCall, ADAS, Tachograph…) support the works by focussed reports:

  • Highlighting positioning aspects in regulations,
  • Highlighting positioning aspects in standards,
  • Highlighting events and developments,
  • Identification of gaps,
  • Proposing actions and messages to standardization groups and policy making bodies, which are summarised and followed up, by means of management tables.